Mission Matters



The Rochester Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) welcomes the opportunity to promote the mission of AAUW by welcoming new members, participating in diverse activities and using technology to enhance meetings and programs.  We have been increasing our visibility in local and online newspapers and promoting leadership by involving members in the various Branch activities and programs.


The Branch is plans to send with scholarships (registration/transportation) ten Oakland University students to the National College Conference of Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL ‘18).  Members fundraised and responded to a donation letter to sponsor undergraduates who showed leadership potential in college student government & activities.


The Branch and the AAUW-OU Student organization co-sponsored for the third time the AAUW $TART $MART Salary Negotiation Workshop for undergraduate students on the campus of Oakland University.   The AAUW-OU gals publicized the event around campus, inviting all, especially seniors, and providing a light lunch as an incentive to attend.  Three trained AAUW-Rochester members facilitated  the workshop which incorporated the latest negotiating strategies to empower women to successfully negotiate a salary and benefits package insuring them economic security and equal pay.


The annual Garden and Holiday Parties, along with our cultural activities, were fabulous “Shape the Future” events this year and brought out a large number of guests who turned into excited members.  Other successful “new” member tactics the branch employed were online publicity, an updated website with a membership link and recruitment rewards (eg. Panera gift cards) for members who recommended the new members. Our Facebook page instantly highlighted the Branch’s events and celebrated the achievements of our members to all our family and friends.  The membership co-chairs have increased the membership by over 15% this year.


Many members of the Branch are involved in activities that promote equity and diversity.  They include the 8th Grade Essay Contest “A Woman of Significance to Me” during Women’s History Month, tutoring and “Tuesday is Library Day” at a Pontiac, MI elementary school and participation in the Rochester Public Schools “PTSA Saturday Science and Career Day” where a CSI workshop was presented to a sold out crowd.  Our Diversity Champ also led a three part STEAM program for 2nd graders on “watersheds”.


The local neighborhood papers, Community Lifestyles and The Rochester Post, have printed articles on the Branch’s monthly activities and programs including the Garden and the Holiday Parties. Items donated by local businesses and members were acknowledged in our NEWSLINE and at the event.  Write-ups and pictures in the local papers were  exciting to see in print. We also hope to publicize the NCCWSL students’ experiences and photos after their return from the June 2018 Conference in Maryland.


The Branch Scholarship Committee partnered with the Rochester Community Foundation to support the Branch’s  AAUW- NCCWSL scholarships for ten female  undergraduate college students at Oakland University.  The Barnes & Noble Book Sale, individual contributions and the Kroger Reward Sales also helped fund these scholarships.


Supporting AAUW Funds are important to the Branch.  Members gave the 2017-2018 Educational Foundation a $2,250 contribution and the Legal Advocacy Fund $450.  Many members also contributed to the AAUW “CHARTING THE COURSE” campaign.

The Rochester, MI Branch is proud to be a part of the AAUW Mission.  For more information, view our website:  rochester-mi.aauw.net  or  our FACEBOOK page.

   Sharon Postnieks    spostnieks@yahoo.com    AAUW-Rochester, MI