Will Rogers Project

Will Rogers’ Fifth Graders Learn About Michigan’s Backyard Birds

AAUW-Rochester Members and Will Rogers’ 5th Graders observe measure and take notes on “backyard bird nests”!

Over 40 5th graders at Will Rogers Elementary School, after studying about backyard birds in Michigan, make winter bird pinecone feeders by painting the pinecones with vegetable shortening, putting bird seed in a paper bag, shaking it on the sticky edges and then tying a colorful string on so that the pinecone bird feeder can be attached to a tree branch. Excited students took the feeders home in colorful bags to place on their tree to observe their “backyard birds” tasting the flavorful bird seed!

Students at Will Rogers Elementary School are excited to read books from the library’s non-fiction baskets!

AAUW of Rochester invites you to participate in one or all of our Will Rogers Elementary School Projects: 

Will Rogers library checkout day is once a week on Tuesdays. 

  • Grades 4-6 are on the even weeks and Grades K-3 are on the odd numbered weeks.
  • Book are checked out for two weeks.
  • Volunteer retired AAUW librarian and teachers read stories, teach library skills and assist the students in choosing exciting books.

Will Rogers student tutoring Grades (K-6). Work with a student to strengthen skills in reading, math and science. 

Hands on science with a class of 2nd graders-Earth sciences is the current topic. 

For more information, contact Sharon Postnieks spostnieks@yahoo.com


Second graders at Will Rogers Elementary School in Auburn Hills are calling themselves “scientists” and rightly so as they were part of three hands-on STEAM workshops this March on three Friday afternoons. The aim was to explain how Michigan water gets to the Great Lakes.

1st  session –Building a watershed -high and low containers (hills and mountains) stacked to be landforms, covered in plastic (soil) and then rained on (squirt bottles) to see where the water flows (downward) to the lakes and rivers.

2nd session – Designing/cutting out a flour/salt dough model on cardboard of upper and lower Michigan with hills and lakes.

3rd session – Painting the Michigan model various colors that represent water, hills, flat land, etc. Final scientific test: Squirting water on the model to see where the water flows -to the edges of the map (Great Lakes).

Enrichment: Students colored a map of Michigan and the Great Lakes (HOMES) and then turned it into a six piece puzzle.  Globes in the library showed world landforms and library books were checked out during library time on water, landforms and pollution which added to the learning of some very special 2nd graders at Will Rogers School.

It was great fun for all and a wonderful learning experience for the 74 2nd graders and their teachers: Ms Crenshaw and Ms Tolly who thanked the Rochester AAUW science assistants Suzie Daley, Judy Gordon, Jill Greimel, Dody Machnee, Sue and Mike McGill, Mary Mazure, Linda Pannuto, Linda Thomas, Judie Wurges along with Diane Kosuda for designing and directing the STEAM project and Sharon Postnieks for coordinating the event. BRAVO!